*How to close down a business in the Netherlands?

A business can be closed down by way of (i) an ordinary liquidation procedure of a company limited by shares (NV) or a private company with limited liability (BV) (hereinafter both types of companies will be referred to as: the “company”), (ii) a turbo liquidation procedure, (iii) the cross-border migration and (iv) cross-border merger procedure. This site describes the features of the various options in more detail.

Ordinary liquidation

The most common way to cease your Dutch business is through an ordinary liquidation. Read more..

Turbo liquidation

A turbo liquidation is an expedited liquidation procedure which is available to certain specific companies that no longer have any assets. Read more..

Cross-border migration

If you are looking to cease your Dutch business but will to continue the operations abroad you may consider to migrate your Dutch company to another country whilst retaining the corporate entity. Read more..

Cross-border merger

If you consider consolidate your Dutch business abroad, it is possible to merge the Dutch company into a foreign company. Read more..

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